Step Out Blue House

It is said that the 1980s is a glorious era of Hong Kong, regardless of the economic or creativity. This year’s 'Step Out Blue House' with a special theme of 'Back to 80s' shows Hong Kong's unique local culture, from popular songs, films, advertisements, to street food and entertainment, so as to restore collective memories, and let us understand and continue Hong Kong spirit.

Step Out Blue House welcomes organizations, corporations and general public to join the competition. Through planning your own route, visiting various checkpoints in Wan Chai and completing the challenges within 150 minutes, participants could taste the goodness of 80s. The team with highest score will win. We also welcome family run to encourage kids to unwind with parents and experience their parents’ growing stage!

After deducting costs, all proceeds will be allocated to support cultural preservation and community engagement. More info, please visit