Viva Blue House Good Neighbour Scheme (“Good Neighbour”) is a sequel of the revitalisation work, giving new power to the property and carrying a style of co-living forward. The Blue House Cluster is made up of 32 units, including the shops on the ground floors. Besides those reserved for the existing residents to live and the development of culture conservation, there are 11 flats for “Good Neighbour” exclusively in order to preserve the lifestyle of Tong Lau. “Good Neighbour” is for people who are interested in co-living and community engagement. And the membership fee will support the operation of “Viva Blue House” in the long run. 

Run on a membership basis, “Good Neighbour” is more than a tenant. He/she is a member but also one of the community builders. The members need to pay a monthly membership fee (rent) and attend residents’ meetings and other events regularly. They are happy to share their experiences and skills, as well as uniting to achieve shared living, management and responsibility.