Rights &

Responsibilities and duties of “Good Neighbour”

  • Pay monthly membership fee punctually (more detail, please refer to flats information)
  • Sign and comply with the “Good Neighbour” resident licence and the charter
  • Attend monthly resident conference and other meetings
  • Share life experiences and skills; collaboratively create an unusual but comfortable living space
  • Actively build a community

What kind of living experiences will the Blue House Cluster bring to our “Good Neighbour”?

  • The property is located on the verge of the business district in Wanchai. As the residential area rarely found in the district, Stone Nullah Lane still conveys the atmosphere of the old town.
  • Here contains a mix of old and new properties, from temples, Tong Lau, local shops to new skyscrapers, hip bars and restaurants.
  • Link Bridge connecting three tenement houses is a platform where the residents interact socially.
  • Blue House and Yellow House are almost 100 years old. Still, accessories in the interior such as grilles, floor tiles and balconies carry stories and traces of the grassroots in the old days.
  • Meet people who are like-minded and thrilled to strive for the community.
  • As kindness and mutual support prevail among the neighbours, tolerance and respect are embodied even if there are conflicts in everyday life.